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Youtube Promoted Videos, aka Video SEM

Posted: April 9th, 2009 | 5 Comments »

Woefully behind on tricking out our Youtube page with new utilities. Today, Youtube SEM.

1) You can now set up a text ad much like an adsense ad, and then buy keywords for placement of a link to promote a specific youtube video or video channel. The example on the right shows how I purchased the word “consumer reviews” and you can see my bid earned me first placement among…one bidder. The layout is integrated, with a video thumbnail and my text descriptor.
2) Obviously, the key is finding the right keywords that work for you. There are similar tools to adsense that will suggest related keywords to the ones you are targeting. I assume those are based on popular youtube search queries.

3) Youtube allows you to set a maximum bid price and a daily maximum budget. The interface allows you to see the average slot placement you earned based on your bid. You can change each keyword individually. Youtube serves google adsense results when there is no youtube bidder. In my small tests, it seems if there is at least 1 youtube bidder on a word,

youtube seems to displace the adsense module for the youtube bidder. My bids were very high, so it’s possible the unit is already be optimized to serve adsense or the youtube bidder based on which yields the most revenue. However, for strategic reasons, I would think they would favor heavily the youtube bidder. Such a weighting keeps the visitor within youtube, since the paid link goes to a youtube video or channel. That allows youtube to show effectiveness of the ad unit, and the ability to keep the user to monetize further.

The Youtube Promoted Videos is an interesting ability to get distribution for your video. The trouble for youtube will be finding users who have the ability to monetize their video or channel, or have rationalized some other reason to pay for viewers. The rates are relatively high…I’d heard the average is $1.00 CPC, although we have been experiencing significantly lower CPC than that for first slot placement on our keywords. (Obviously, it all depends on what words you’re going for.) I’ll update that range as we expand our buys.

More on the impact of these changes to commercial applications after I post about the Youtube Insights module next.

Youtube: Giving up on monetizing "The Evolution of Dance"

Posted: April 2nd, 2009 | No Comments »

Clickz broke a great story about changes to youtube. Basically, youtube seems to be throwing in the towel on monetizing their brand of UGC. They’re creating a tabbed ‘ghetto’ for not only amateur videos like “Charlie Bit My Finger“, but also for semi-pro content as well (sorry semi-pro, you’re more semi than pro).

Between closing down the Google Adsense/Youtube units and now creating a monetizable player specifically for professional content, I think Youtube is taking a business plan stand. Their UGC, with billions of eyeballs, is pretty much unmonetizable. UGC (and copywrite infringements…and porn…), with its $470 million of loss for hosting and serving, may be the french fries that bring the search audience to youtube. But it’s the professional content where youtube is now betting to make its money.

Some changes I would expect?
Search results will begin to favor professional content in the results. UGC, which is next to impossible to search productively anyway, will become subordinated to the professional results. If you search for “how to bake a cake” chances are you wouldn’t mind finding a Food TV segment, or Martha Stewart or anyone you know. Of course, you actually get “lfritz73″. And as charming as she is, I have no idea if she makes a good cake. Segregating the two will allow you to find all the copywrited clips you want…all legally if Youtube can get their syndication deals done with the majors.

Copywrite infringing materials will get taken down faster, or through a better process. With revenue at stake now, both youtube and copywrite holders (NBC, ESPN) will want to have their results found on the monetizable, “good” player, not the UGC ghetto tab. Previously, there was no economic incentive to takedown infringing content (and actually incentive to leave it up for the audience those clips attracted). Which leads to….

Professional publishers will be more liberal with what they put up online. If youtube is monetizing the content, and they are counting the eyeballs, and there’s a pretty player….well, voila, that’s kind of TV.

More and more eyeballs to broadband…less and less to the TV box. Watch out Comcast. The repeats and archives are now moving online. You know what’s next.

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