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Engaging consumers in conversation about products

Posted: June 29th, 2009 | No Comments »

The position that social media marketing is risky for brands is far from unfounded. The democratization of any medium is almost by definition messy and uncontrolled. That is a scary place for brands to be. But the smart brands know that it’s scarier to not be there at all.

We have been working with a number of those smart brands. We use three ingredients to ensure that everyone wins…our clients, our creators, and our consumers.

  1. Start with a great product
We don’t work withF500 brands because they’re the easiest ones to get to. For a small company, they’re the hardest to get to. But we target working with F500 brands because they launch great products. They do a tremendous amount of work beforehand to ensure the success of a product. P&G spends $2 billion a year on 8,000 engineers. LG maintains 30research centers for $3 billion a year. Who wouldn’t want to test a product that has millions of dollars of R&D and months of consumer testing behind it? Expo has actually turned down a number of companies because we thought that the products were not high enough quality.
  1. Don’t ask the bald guy about shampoo
Part of the power of social media marketing is that it is intensely personal. Sites should know so much more about their community than ever before. Companies that allow anonymous text postings, or encourage thin veils of member credentials are simply socially bankrupt. The more information your community shares with you about itself, the more you can tap into the appropriate, relevant social network for clients. A great product needs to be in the hands of the person it was designed for. Great brands design their products with a very in-depth consumer profile in mind. These profiles don’t just encompass age, gender, income, but also include things like buying habits, social activities, lifestyle choices, and family size. We have located, on behalf of our clients, consumers with a certain hair length, buyers of no-frills grocery products, people who watch a specific TV show, even women who are breastfeeding!

  1. Reward an honest relationship
You started with a great product. You put it in the hands of the target consumer. What can go wrong? At this point, very little should go wrong. But, alas, companies out there have screwed it up anyway. A few thoughts on how to avoid the last few potholes on the way to buzz nirvana…
    • There should be no need to bias the consumer. If you feel a need to somehow inject incentive for positive reviews at this point, then something in step 1 and 2 isn’t working.
    • General review sites on retailers and elsewhere generate about 80% positive buzz. We will turn down clients expecting us to generate a 100% positive campaign. Trying to manipulate an unnatural result leads to disastrous choices.
    • Disclose until you can’t disclose anymore. Don’t just do this for FTC reasons…which are only there to protect the reader/viewer of the content. Disclose and require disclosure so the community of contributors knows that those are the rules you play by. Build a relationship with contributors where everything is out on the table. You will attract people who want to play by those rules. Those are the people that will strengthen your ability to guarantee a natural, authentic and honest result.

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