Daphne_KwonI’m an entrepreneur in New York City.  I am co-founder of EXPO Communications (expotv.com).  We are the largest source of unbiased consumer videos in the world.  We have a community of thousands of consumer contributors, top Fortune 500 brand participation, and distribution across the largest video, social and commerce platforms.  And, did I mention over 300,000 safe, structured, relevant, sincere and authentic videos about products.

In my role, I get to see a lot of interesting things from competitors, partners, journalists, entrepreneurs, investors, friends.  They understandably revolve around video, social marketing, commerce and entrepreneurialism.  I thought I would blog about some of the interesting trends I see, based on my limited view of the world.

Other frameworks about me to know:  EXPO is co-founded by myself and my husband.  He gallantly took the president title because we started with a plan where I had more contacts.  However, through Expo’s evolution, I’d say he may now be the more equal of equals.  I continue to be inspired by him daily.

Prior to EXPO, I was the CFO of Oxygen Media, where I had been part of the core founding team.  I left as Oxygen turned profitable, and it has since been sold for over $1 bil to NBC Universal.  I joined Oxygen after following my boss, Geraldine Laybourne, from our division at The Walt Disney Company overseeing the cable assets.  I had been at Disney prior to that in LA’s corp strat group, and at Morgan Stanley for a few years before that.

Somewhere in there I attended Harvard Business School and the University of Michigan.  I’m also the mom of two elementary school kids, but doubt I will ever feel knowledgeable to write about that subject.

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